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Blobwars Game to Play Online

Blobwars game will load in a new window, and then:

- You have the option to play against a second player ( 2 PLAYER ) or play against the computer ( 1 PLAYER ).

- Then a screen will give the options of: 1- SINGLE GAME; 2- BEST OF THREE; 3- BEST OF FIVE

- A third screen will allow you to choose the NORMAL BOARD or CHOOSE A BOARD - visit the boards, you will play with different boards in the future.

- Blobwars is a turn-based strategy game where the objective of the game is to get as many blobs of your color as possible on the available squares of the board.

- Click on the Blob that you want to move or duplicate, the board game will show the available squares and possible moves; click on the square where you want to move the Blob.

- A Blob is duplicated when moved to an adjacent square; if it jump two squares there is no duplication. If you move a Blob next to the opponent Blobs, they get converted to your color. Just play and the game will show you the possibilities, the strategy is up to your Analysis.



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