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Play Little Chess Partner Game Free Online

This is a good Chess set game to play against the computer free online.

To play L CHESS click on the piece that you want to move and drag it to the square where you want it; the computer will calculate its move according to the chess settings you have previously selected.

I was badly beaten by this chess set, so be prepared to think, and to press the Move Now button to make the computer play faster and calculate less possibilities

From the Author's page:

"About Little ChessPartner

LCHESS has been the predecessor of ChessPartner, as a design study a Java version has been derived from it. We called it "Little ChessPartner"

Is has not been fully ported, just a small part of it ! A program written in Java is much slower then a program written in C or assembler, thus the playing strength will be much less as well. Note: This program is still under development, so please come back often, also feedback is appreciated."

Author: lokasoft

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