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Not an IQ test but a free IQ game online

The Object:

    Take away as many red balls as you can, OR leave them as many of them as possible (greater than 8).

The Rules:

  1. The first empty hole is chosen at random by the computer.
  2. You can move a ball only by jumping over another ball.
  3. The ball being jumped and the landing position must be in a straight line.
  4. Once a ball has been jumped, it is removed from the iq test board.

How To Use The Free IQ Test Applet:

  1. Click and drag the ball you want to move.
  2. Move the ball to the place (hole) you want to put in. The ball will follow your cursor while you have your mouse button held down.
  3. Release the ball into the hole by releasing the mouse button.
  4. Click "UNDO" and "REDO" anytime you want. This game is not a matter of life and death, no score, just an average IQ test game. Click the "NEW GAME" button anytime, and you can start a new game. |