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Othelo Game Online Othello Game - Play Online
Difficulty selectable. Here you can test the 3 levels of difficulty playing against the PC. Recomended to improve your reversi style.
3d game reversi Reversi Game to play in 3D
This is an old Java engine (4.X) Your browser can suport it under older versions of Java.
Reversi Game Squares Reversi Game
CPU & Vs. You can begin your learning of reversi with alternate colors of the pieces. Even the CPU helps you to win! Invite a friend to play
with you in this game.
Reversi Online Reversi Online
Advanced level: This is the top of the strategy in reversi, try to beat this wonderful CPU engine. Only to expert players.
Reversi Reversi
Intermediate level: If you don't wait to play, and you have played before the game, this is the place to test the CPU.
Online Othello Othello Online
Easy/intermediate level: After you have beaten the CPU, you can continue here to improve your style. Select this if you have still problems to beat the CPU.
Reversi Interenet Reversi
Easy level: You can begin from here to understand this board game from mistakes. The CPU isn't so smart, but don't understimate it!

Othello, also known as Reversi, is a classic board game. Although
there is no formal proof of the game's origin, there are two places that have been suggested from its invention. One is China, from a game called Fan Mian, the other is from Lewis Waterman and John W. Mollett in 1888, who made this game available. In general, it is accepted that the game of Reversi was invented in London, in the last half of the 19th century.

Around 1970, the Japanese Goro Hasegawa developed the modern rules of Othello, and they are now formally adopted around the world. The rules of Othello are much simpler than many other board games. However, easy to learn doesn't mean easy to play well. That comes from a good saying, 'one minute to learn, but a lifetime to master'!

Currently in France and Canada is one of the most important board games. Several tournaments have been held by the French Othello Federation, in which people around the world test their abilities in this board "sport".

The game is played by two players: a black or red player and a white or green player. The players place counters of their respective colors alternately. In most games black or red plays first. Each counter must be placed such that it 'closes-in' a straight line of one or more of the opponent's counters (horizontal, vertical or diagonal). All counters closed-in by the just placed counter then change color.

If it is not possible for a player to close in at least one of the opponents counters, he passes and his opponent can play.The game ends if the board is filled with 64 counters, or if none of the players can do a move. The player with the most counters of his color wins the game.



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Feel free to play this game! You will be charmed by this board game.
You will find 7 Othello games in this page in order to learn and test
your skill, either against the CPU or with a friend. Enjoy! .