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In this classic internet checkers You play against the computer.
Start the game moving the red "men". Click on a red piece to move, the background will turn green - showing the selected piece - then click on the square where you want to move. The computer will play its turn, and then it is your turn again.

This Internet Checkers version is ideal for beginners - it is easy to win. The player moves the red pieces by clicking on a selected piece, and then clicking on the target empty square.

In this Internet checkers capturing opponent's pieces is optional.

If you read the description of "checkers game" in the home page you will notice that the layout of this checkered board is wrong; The lower left square should be black and contain one of the pieces. In essence the game play is not affected, it is like playing using a mirror image of the original game.

This Internet checkers do not work properly with some browsers - you may notice some kind of bug or glitch under certain circumstances, but it is good enough for practicing game strategies.

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