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This is another flavor of online checkers, a mini version of the board game. As a bonus for the visitors of this page, here is some checkers strategy and advice.


The playing off-line or Online Checkers against the computer will improve with the use of this basic rules.
- If you are a beginner, play slowly at first and prefer playing with better players than yourself; watching the opening strategy of better players and following them will increase your knowledge of the game.
- As in business and other real life situations, follow a plan and method when opening your game, so you will acquire winning skills in both attack and defense.
- Simplify when playing with better players, leave complicated games for less experienced opponents.
- It is recommended to keep your "men" in the middle of the board. On the side squares the men lose one-half of their power.
- If you have gained an advantage in the number of your pieces, you can increase the proportion of the advantage by exchanging men; but be careful and try to maintain good positions.
- Take opponent's men quickly when you have only one way of taking, do not waste time.
- Avoid scattering your men, try to concentrate them as the game advances and fewer pieces are on the board.
- As in chess games, never touch the squares of the board with your fingers.
- Accustom yourself to plan and decide your play offhand and move when ready.
- Study the probable plans of your adversary as you do analyze your own moves.
- One man ahead with a clear plan should be a certain win.
- Remember that the science of the game consists in moving your pieces at the opening stages to achieve a position that will force your adversary to give his men away.

Play online checkers games and develop the strategy to win off-line.


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