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Welcome to Checkers.WS - Here you will find a complete variety of board games to play against the PC or with other people ONLINE!
Feel free to surf in any game you want to play. You will find a little description of each game, how to play it and the game difficulty level.... Enjoy!
Internet Checkers Internet Checkers
Checkers intermediate level
Once you have dominated your technique in checkers, you can try this checkers game set. Choose between 3 difficulty levels to challenge the CPU.
Play Checkers
Checkers multiplayer game
Here you can play checkers with your friend. It is a very good option to test your skills with a worthy opponent! Choose your colour and play!
Checkers Game Checkers Game
This version of checkers will only work with old browsers (4.x). The "Java Engine" of new browsers/OS will not run this game properly.
It is a good and "intelligent" version.
Online Checkers Online Checkers
Checkers basic level. Single and multiplayer game.
Here you can start learning to play checkers. Its difficulty level is quite easy! Practice first here to challenge others!
Checkers Game Checkers Game Online
Checkers advanced level
In this checkers, the level of difficulty is very high, only for those that look for a true challenge. It is for single player.
Chinese Checkers
Single and multiplayer game.
The classic Chinese star checker is here! Play against the CPU or find 5 friends to play! Instructions given in the link.

Play checkers and board games free online against the computer, or select the option to play against an oponent in the available two players games. The complexity level or artificial intelligence is also optional in some game versions, only when you play against the computer :-) .

You will notice that some game versions are easy to win, while others will make you think a lot and challenge you to play with real strategy.
Each game was designed with a different game engine - some will go deeper into analyzing various moves in advance.
Play online and find the game level that you enjoy and challenge your skill.

The online checkers and other board game rules and instructions included in this site are not "official rules"; they are intended to be use as a guide for basic playing.


It is not clear the origin of the Checkers board game. There are paintings of the 13th century that depicts a checkered board. Some historians believed that checkers may have been invented around 1000 AD.; The location of the Checkers game origin is probably the south of France and Spain - Hey, a Mediterranean game. There are traces of checkered games in the middle east, but, were they Checkers?


The game of Checkers or Draughts is played on a board of sixty-four squares of alternate colors, usually referred as black and white although not necessarily of those colors. Twenty-four pieces (fat round counters), called men (twelve on each side) also of opposite colors are located on the game board. The game is played by two persons; the one having the twelve black or red pieces is technically said • to be playing the tint • side, and the other having the twelve white "men", to be playing the second side.

The object of the game is to capture all of the opponent's men, or block them so they cannot be moved, the person whose side is brought to this state loses the game.

- The checkered board is placed between the two players in a position where the bottom corner square on the left hand shall be black.
- The players will toss a coin at the beginning of the match, and the winner will have the choice of taking the black or white pieces.
- Then each player places his twelve men on the black squares of the first three rows of his respective opposite ends of the board.
- The player with the black men must move first.
Players take turns to move a piece of their own color. The checkers are moved diagonally forward, left or right, one square at each turn.
- An opponent's piece is capture or taken when the player is able to diagonally jump forward one of his "men" over an opponent's piece and land on an empty square behind. The player may continue jumping and capturing pieces with the same "man" during the same move if possible.
- When a piece reaches the last row on the opposite side of the Checkered Board, it is crowned and becomes a "King". A "King" is a piece "crowned" with another piece of the same color on top. The free online checkers games identify the king with a crown or an image of different color in the center.
- A "King" moves diagonally forward and backward, and also has the power of capturing pieces in both directions.
- A Draw occurs when neither of the players can force a win.


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